Chapter 23 – The Sub & The Dom

I was walking up fifth-avenue with a friend who had worked in sales for Playboy magazine and a few other high-end publications. He was also an actor and a director. We were on our way to Bryant Park. We were going to have a beer or two and then catch one of his students who was appearing in a small stage performance of monologues. Over the years, I had taken my friends head shots. In return he often referred me to different magazines when he knew about a shoot. I was not sure how talented he was as an actor, as his stand up was ok, but nothing special. As we got closer to the park we would stop at different restaurants to warm up, as it was bitterly cold. I didn’t have much experience acting. At the time, I was focusing on photography, almost exclusively fashion and glamor. Mostly, I photographed women.

I was coming off a bad breakup. My heart was again injured and I was feeling insecure. I think we all go through those times when everything seems to go wrong with a chapter of love, no matter how hard you work to make it successful. I was living on Long Island and although I was long divorced, I was still licking my wounds. I was working hard to recover from my most painful chapter of love. I was trying to make the best it. Somehow, it just didn’t seem right for me to be dating, when I just ended what was to be a lifetime commitment to my former wife. So, despite the feeling of freedom most people experience after divorce, I felt nothing but sadness. My health was a roller coaster of despair and hope. This made it even worse. I never knew what each day would bring.

Walking during the, freezing cold New York City winter, in the snow and wind was not a very good idea, but I needed the camaraderie of friends to help me get to the next chapter of my life, never mind love. As we got closer to the venue, a woman dressed in all black leather walked up beside us as we waited for a light and the cars to pass at the intersection. When I saw how she was dressed, I thought she must be freezing, so I offered her a pair of gloves. She was only too happy to accept. As we continued past the intersection, she started to walk with us and as we made small talk it became obvious she was from Germany, as her accent was distinct. She was not a particularly good conversationalist, but she was beautiful and her leather outfit was form fitting. It was obvious that she had an amazing body.

I asked her for her number. She gave me a comp card with her hand-written number on it. She was clad in leather, in all the photos. There was a definite vibe to her and it was all about leather. It went beyond the head to toe black leather outfit and jacket she was wearing. Every shot on the card featured whips and chains. I thought it was hot and as we made a turn towards the theatre, we parted company, but not before we agreed to have dinner the following night. Presumably she was going to give me back my gloves. I thought it was an ingenious way of picking up a girl on the streets of New York City. My friend said I just lost my gloves. He doubted she would ever show. I didn’t care. Losing a pair of gloves was worth the risk. The upside was a date with this hot, leather-loving, German actress. We decided we would meet at the View, which is the glass walled restaurant in the Marriot Marquee in Times Square. It was her idea. I was unfamiliar with it. With that, we parted ways and headed for my friend’s student’s performance.

I had never been to one of those small makeshift stages before, nor did I even know what a monologue was back then. I was not into video or producing yet. Still photography was my expertise. I just started shooting professionally again. Most of my shoots were in my basement and converted garage, which I turned into a large studio. I didn’t shoot in the city much anymore, but was looking forward to rebuilding my career. For quite some time, I was turned off to it. The constant drama and devious people I met in the entertainment industry, in my youth, turned me off. So, I was not engaged in the NYC fashion or entertainment industry any more. Now I was getting leads for assignments from friends as well as legitimate work from many of my old Long Island clients.

After my friend left Playboy, he became a minister and a director. He became much more conservative in his senior years than he was as a younger man. Back then, he hung out with Playboy bunnies and partied hard. In fact, significantly harder, then I did. Years prior, he would get me gigs to judge wet T-shirt contests at places like the Limelight. He was a player for sure, who changed his life, or so I thought. I admired him. It was what I wanted for my own future.

We both sat down in the audience. Just prior to when his student went on, he went back stage. While he was back stage, a beautiful blonde actress came up to me and said hello. I was taken with her beauty. She looked like a young Scarlett Johansson. I showed her some of my photographs and before I knew it she asked if we could shoot. I said we can shoot tonight if you want or anytime, I was taken with her.

She said,” ok let’s shoot after the show.” I was surprised she agreed. Never in a million years did I think she would say yes. I wasn’t prepared, but I was going to figure out a way, as this was too good to be true. Two different girls had accepted invitations to spend time with me within an hour. Both were stunning. The student was more than beautiful. She was supremely talented. Her monologue was a sad one that turned into a sexy one. She had everyone in the audience in tears. Then, almost as quickly as she had everyone crying, she had us all turned on. I had never seen anyone do that in such a short period. I believed she deserved to be on a Broadway stage. It was at that moment I knew I wanted to direct, like my friend. In fact, I was determined to turn myself into a professional director, as I knew my skills far outweighed his.

After her performance, she sat with me in the seat vacated by my friend. He had gone back stage to coach her and another student. He didn’t return until after his second student completed his monologue. I was surprised how many talented actors there were in that show. Most of my life I only paid attention to movie stars and celebrities. I never realized how much talent there was out there. After my friend’s second student finished, he came back to his seat. He was surprised to see us sitting together and didn’t react well to it. He became very jealous. This was surprising to me. Not only was he a minister, he was involved in a long-term relationship. He had gone so far as to tell me that he was completely over his womanizing ways. Clearly, he had plans for this actress. She immediately gave him a hug, but continued to sit with me. He sat in an empty seat on the other side of me. It was not long afterwards, the actors all joined the audience for drinks and a small after party. Before I knew it, she was holding my hand and telling my friend that we were going to shoot on Long Island. While he was cool about it, I could tell that he was upset. Typically, I would not have left with her, but she kind of dragged me away from him and grabbed her backpack.   So, we left.

We took a taxi to the train and the LIRR to the Huntington railroad station where my car was parked. We drove right to my house. Instead of shooting in the studio, we shot in front of the fireplace. I didn’t have a digital camera. I was using an older film camera, which generally required stronger light than the glow of a fireplace, but I wasn’t thinking art at that point. I was hoping I met my next chapter of love. I needed the ego boost. It was a pretty down time in my life.

The fireplace was crackling. I had candles all over the living room. She was laying on the wood floor, directly in front of the fireplace. As I was photographing her, she grabbed my camera, put it on the floor and pulled me over to her. We started to kiss. Despite the passion she wouldn’t allow me to touch her anywhere, just kiss. Even though she initiated the contact, she seemed to be extremely shy. It was hot in front of the blazing fire, so our sweaters came off. We continued kissing. The mood was soft and romantic. It seemed she was not looking for a one night stand and wanted something more from us. I was enjoying the beautiful kisses and holding her in my arms. We looked into each other’s eyes and kissed for hours.

As the sun started to rise, she continued to hold me. We were drifting in and out of sleep. Every time we woke, we would start to kiss again. At one point, I got up to put more wood on the fire. As I did, she slowly took off her shirt and bra and slipped her stretchy black pants down and off her ankles. She then took my hand and pulled me to her. As we kissed, she pulled off my clothing. We were rolling around and kissing. She was totally naked, laying on top of me, but she wouldn’t let me inside of her. I was feeling so much love I didn’t care. I didn’t want the passion and kissing to stop. I didn’t want to ruin it by being too aggressive or making her think all I cared about was sex. As she ground her body against mine and rubbed her pelvis against my leg I could feel her cum. She wasn’t just dripping wet. She exploded. My leg and midsection were drenched.

She looked into my eyes the entire time she was rubbing herself against me. What started as an attempt to get me off, got her steamy and she was going for another. While she managed to keep her passion in check all night, she could no longer contain it. It was driving me wild. Finally, she positioned her legs around my body and pulled me on top of her as she rolled us both over. She slid her body in between my legs and pushed my head down softly giving me the go ahead to go down on her. She was soaking wet and incredibly orgasmic, cuming time and time again. After her fourth moaning orgasm, she pulled me on top of her and inserted me inside her. I was shocked I didn’t immediately cum all over her, or inside her. I was having some issues making things work, as I was having difficulties pushing all the way in. It was as if she wanted me in, but as soon as I started to push in a bit, she would squeeze her legs together, keeping me from going in more than just a bit. Even so, she was so tight it felt amazing.

As I slowly started to move my hips to go deeper, I felt something blocking my way and then suddenly it just gave way. I was now deep inside her. She cried out a bit, as if she was in pain, but it was passionate sound. I had just broken her hymen. What seemed like an extremely tight fit, gave way to a deep, wet and warm woman. She didn’t say anything about being a virgin. I was surprised, as she was in her late twenties. I was very soft and went very slow. Before long I was cuming inside her while she was grabbing my ass and pulling me deeper inside her. We didn’t use any protection, so part of me was nervous she was going to get pregnant, but it was beyond our control to stop. We just melted into each other as if we were one pulsating mass. We were sweating profusely. The room was so hot from the now roaring fireplace. She pulled me close to her and wrapped her arms around my neck so tight I could barely breath. She was squeezing me so hard, although, she wasn’t aware of it. She began to cry. Not softly. She was sobbing. She wouldn’t let go of me the entire time. I didn’t know what to do, so I just held her. Eventually, she cried herself to sleep in my arms. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was crying because she never had sex before. She wanted to save herself for her future husband. I didn’t know why she chose me, or why she became so passionate that night, but I needed it and apparently, so did she. When we woke, the fire was out. We were freezing. We decided to shower. The entire time we were showering, all I could think about was how romantic and special she was. I thought I could easily fall in love with this girl.

In the shower, she dropped to her knees and started to go down on me. I couldn’t believe that this virgin was so experienced on her knees. She was working my shaft and head really well. I told her I had to pee. I said babe,” I have to pee.” I said it again and again, but she wouldn’t let me out of her mouth. Each time I said it, she would pull me deeper inside her mouth and roll her tongue around my head. Finally, I said, I’m going to pee right now. I was trying to force myself out of her mouth, but she kept sucking on me even after she could feel me starting to pee. At first, she was swallowing my urine. I was shocked, but it was going so fast and it felt so good. About half way through, she let my penis out of her mouth, but kept her mouth open. She held my penis an inch or so from her mouth and was swallowing my urine as she looked up at me, with very submissive eyes. I didn’t know what to do. She was shaking with passion, euphoric over the experience.

As soon as I was finishing peeing, she pulled my penis back into her mouth. I started to cum almost immediately. She pulled me even deeper inside her mouth. I was ejaculating against the back of her throat. As she swallowed my cum, she started to gag, but wouldn’t stop. By the time I finished cuming, her face was beet red. I could barely stand. My legs and body were quivering, shaking to the point I almost lost my balance. I didn’t cum like that the night before. Where that came from, I have no idea. I never experienced anything like it. Later I learned that some people get off by being involved in submissive fetishes. She truly did. After she swallowed every ounce of cum she could possibly suck out of me, my penis was extremely sensitive, so she let me go and just hugged me for the longest time. When we ran out of hot water, we jumped into bed, where she licked my face like she was a dog. She asked me to spank her. I had never done anything like that. I was sexually active but I had always pretty much been involved in traditional activities. This fetish stuff was new to me, but I was willing to try Much earlier in life, I did have a few handcuff moments with my cadet, but nothing like this. She laid on top of me and I started to tap her ass. She whispered in my ear,” harder, harder.” Each tap became harder until her ass was turning pink and red on one side.

She started grinding against my body and then went down on me again. This time she didn’t go for my penis. She lifted my penis and started to lick under by testicles. What started as long licking motions almost immediately turned into her licking my ass. The licks turned into sucking everything, including my ass. Her tongue was going in and out of my butt. I didn’t enjoy the experience, so I stopped it quickly and inserted myself into her again. By this point it just wasn’t doing anything for me. I could barely get it up, but I did manage to stay hard, albeit rather numb and she had another orgasm. She flew solo on that one. I couldn’t get the vision of what she did in the shower out of my head.

How could this virgin possibly be into such kinky sex? I was taken aback. As I drove her to the city, she told me she had tons of oral sex. That was how she managed to stay a virgin so many years. After I dropped her off, I met with my director friend. He was pissed at me for sleeping with her. He obviously had feelings for her. Although he was involved with a woman he had been living with for years, he had a thing for his student. Eventually he admitted that she paid for his coaching with sexual favors and he wanted more. That was the clincher for me. I was turned off to the possibility of having a future with her. I was exhausted, but I had meetings all day and a date that night with the German actress.

That night, the German actress arrived in another all black leather outfit. This time it was shiny. She looked like she was wearing a Cat Woman outfit. It was costume like. I was shocked that she was wearing it, but she was an actress and after the night before, I figured anything could happen. As I always did, I asked her if it was ok if I ordered for us. She said No! She not only said no, but she went on to order hundreds of dollars of caviar and champagne. When I reached for a strawberry, she slapped my hand and said don’t eat it! I thought something must be wrong with it, so I asked why? She didn’t explain. Instead, she took my hand, brought it to her mouth and ate it right out of my hand. I was shocked. I had no idea what she was doing. She started to give me orders, such as, “drink now” and “stop drinking now.” It was as if she was in the military, barking out orders. She grabbed my hand when I reached for the caviar and said, “you will eat when I tell you to eat and not before.” With that, she took the caviar away. It was bizarre. I didn’t understand why this nice girl was acting like a, controlling, bitch. I thought it might be a German thing.

She was eating the caviar. I was rapidly losing interest, not understanding how she could be so demanding. I thought she might have gotten her period. Then, she lifted her foot to my face and told me to take her shoe off. It was a shiny, laced, high heel shoe. I went along with it and took her shoe off. She then spooned caviar onto her toes, which were also painted black to match the rest of her outfit. She raised her leg and rested it on the table and said lick it off. She didn’t say it jokingly. She was ordering me to do it. I lifted her leg and started sucking the caviar off her toes. It was kind of sexy, but it was weird, as we were in a restaurant; a fancy restaurant.

I figured, ok she got that out of her system, but then she ordered me to lick between her toes and clean her foot completely…spotlessly. She was dead serious! I thought I must be on Candid Camera. I said to her, “what the hell is going on here?” The night before I was with a submissive and tonight this girl was acting like a Gestapo Commandant. I couldn’t believe women had become so crazy over the years since I was married. She was looking at me very intently, upset that I wouldn’t lick her toes. If the surroundings were more private, I would be the first to suck any woman’s toes. This woman was treating me like a slave. And then she said, “I am a dominatrix. Why do you think I have this outfit on?” I didn’t know what a dominatrix was. I asked if it meant that she was going to order me around and I had to do what she said. She said yes.

I got up dropped a few hundred dollars in cash on the table and said, “ you have no idea what my life was like. My mother and sisters ordered me around my entire life and you think that is going to turn me on?” As I started walking away, she ordered me to come back. I just kept walking and never saw her again. I was exhausted. I met two women on successive evenings who were equally kinky, yet in totally opposite ways. How was this possible? As I was leaving I wished that the actress from the night before hadn’t fooled around with my friend. Between the two, the submissive actress was the least offensive. And, she was so hot!

But at the time it was just too kinky for me. We spoke several times, but she continued to take acting lessons from my friend, so I knew what was going on between them. I swore to myself that I would never date an actress again and started looking for my next chapter of love. I have never shared this with anyone, as I just thought it to be just too absurd for words. Later in life I learned how many people are into fetishes. That was the weekend of my submissive and my dominatrix. Although it led to me swearing off actresses, I would probably invite both back today.