Chapter 37 – Sex Games

For me, junior high school was a time of sexual experimentation. Most of the kids played games like Truth Or Dare, Spin The Bottle, Seven Minutes In Heaven and a host of others. The only real difference between me and the other kids, was that I created my own game, “Sex Games,” at about the age of eleven. Unlike the other games, this was an actual board game. Yes, a sex board game for three or more people to play. I completely forgot about it until at my 30-year high school reunion, my junior high school girlfriend asked me about it.

Many memories were rushing through my head when I first saw her. She was my girlfriend at the time we played the game. Mostly, we played it with her girlfriends. It was a throwback game…sort of a mix of Monopoly or Sorry with some Mousetrap thrown in. Players would roll dice to determine the number of spaces to move forward on the board. In that regard, it was like Monopoly. There were slides and ladders that advanced you past the serious sexual options. If you landed on pick a card, you had no idea what you might be asked to do. There were spaces for a “Truth” challenge and a “Dare” challenge. Some spaces would require actions similar to those from Seven Minutes In Heaven. I even adapted a spin type gizmo from another board game to determine who players had to make out with, when they landed on that spot on the board.

Once, I landed on a space that required female players to change seats according to breast size. When the few girls playing kept arguing over who had the largest breasts, I was chosen to determine who was going to sit where, by feeling their breasts to make the determination. Do you think a preteen boy would create the game any differently? Life was good. The entire game was geared towards experimentation with kissing, touching, foreplay and more. And, when I say more, I mean a lot more. It was all based-on chance. I remember playing the game for the first time with my girlfriend and two of her friends. I had just finished developing it and this was to be the test. The girls loved it. As an additional benefit, I thought I could market it. I was entrepreneurial, even as a young man.

Other times we played it with some of my friends. It seemed whenever a girl had their choice of whom they were going into the closet with, or whom they were going to take a dare with, I was the guy. It probably helped my chances that our mutual friend was going through some dramatic voice changes. His voice was very high pitched. Some thought he was gay and in the closet, so of course they picked me. I loved it when he joined us. It always worked out for me, lol.

At first, my girlfriend did not mind the game. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying it immensely. We were advancing our relationship as a result of the game, although we only played a few times. Like many adolescents we went into the woods to ride bikes and the mini-bikes I was building at the time. There was a fort behind Parkway School. It was on a narrow strip of land, between the highway and the school. To be precise, it was the woods on the side of Wantagh Parkway. There, we could always make out privately. Hand jobs were a regular routine. I was terrified of getting her pregnant. Back then, if you got someone pregnant, you would have to marry the person. Whether you loved her or not was irrelevant. That was just the way it was back then. If you helped make the baby, you took responsibility for it. You helped raise the child, for better or worse. It didn’t matter that you were 16. No one got abortions back then. I believe they were illegal at the time. So, you were very careful. Still, we were not using protection. I started to love her so deeply; I felt I wanted to marry her, even at that young age. If she became pregnant, I would propose. That is what my heart told me when we made love. That’s the way your heart works when you are so young.

Our first time was in the woods. We had been together for over a year, on and off. We wandered into the woods and found a huge, fallen tree to lay down on. We made love for the first time. At that age, it doesn’t last very long, no matter what my baby sitter might have taught me years earlier. Sex is almost over before it starts. All the same, what started as innocent experimentation, became so much more. We both drew the “go all the way” card, while playing my sex game. That took us from the very innocent, experimentation stage, to the passionate, heart-pounding, I love you stage.

I think that even though it was over in a few strokes, she felt as much love as I did. She was a virgin, so it meant a lot to her. We knew it was risky since we didn’t use protection. I thought she was going to get pregnant, but she didn’t, even though I came inside her. I didn’t mean to, but I didn’t know it would happen so quickly. By the time I was cuming, my instincts overruled my brain and I pushed in deeper, as opposed to pulling-out, as I swore to her that I would. I could feel myself pulsating harder than I ever had before. Her body was pulsating with mine. We were melting into one another. The only thing good about that age was that as soon as you came, you could take a piss and do it again. Most of the time, over and over. And that is exactly what we did. We totally lost any semblance of self-control.

This went on through our final year of junior high school. I was such an idiot. Other girls would want to go out with me, so I would break up with her. In most cases the other girl would ask me to help her lose her virginity, as If I was in the business of training virgins. Typically, immediately afterwards, I would ask my girlfriend out again. In my naivety, I didn’t want to cheat on her and felt breaking up with her was the only fair way I could have sex with another girl. The virgins wanted a guy they could trust to not tell the entire school. I was as safe as any guy could be. Many girls simply wanted to know what it was like. I started to get a reputation as being experienced. So, I was kind of a go to guy. Not for being a long-term boyfriend, just someone to do it with.

At the time, many of the kids would have home parties, either in their parent’s basements, or when their parents weren’t home. I was invited to a lot of them. Often, it was just a cover for another girl wanting to fool around with me. By the time I turned seventeen, it was even happening with girls I met at movie theaters. As I started to travel to other schools to compete, especially as a wrestler, everyone would look for a girl to hook-up with from that school. Before long I was with girls from several other schools as well. My father used to drive me and my date to movie theaters where we would always find some private spot to make out and experiment.

Everyone’s favorite spot to pick up girls was at the Levittown Roller Rink. They had a couple’s skate on the weekend where they would turn the lights down and you could ask any girl to skate. If she said yes, it always meant she was interested. You always held hands until the song was over. If you were lucky the girl would join you for a soda and you could get her number. I was a pretty good skater, so I got my share of phone numbers.

I met this incredibly beautiful girl at the movie theater. I was with several of my friends. We were watching Blue Lagoon, starring Brooke Shields. This girl looked like her twin. I was throwing popcorn at her and being a pest to get her attention. Eventually, after I passed a series of notes to her, she agreed to meet me at the beach the next day. I was about fourteen at the time, and was allowed to take the bus to Jones Beach on the weekends. I was particularly excited about meeting her at the beach because we just watched Brook Shields swim naked with her teenage lover. The movie was porn for teenagers. Every teenager who watched that film wanted to go skinny-dipping with his or her significant other.

The following day, a group of my friends and I went to the beach and met her and her friends at the tunnel that connected the parking lot to the boardwalk. Eventually, all our friends left. We stayed until after the lifeguards went off duty. We started making out on the beach. We were reenacting Blue Lagoon. We took our clothes off and snuck into the water. The waves were rough that day. We tried to have sex in the water. The choppiness of the water along with the strong current made it difficult. To compound the problem, the salt water was getting into our eyes. We swallowed copious amounts of sea water. The movie romanticized the process. It was almost impossible to duplicate, especially if you wanted to stay low in the water to be discreet. Eventually, we stood up in the crashing waves and managed to make it work. It was nice, but again, jack rabbit fast.

We left the water and lounged on the sand until we knew the last buses were about to leave. We had to take different busses because we lived in different towns. Neither one of us had a private phone, nor was there internet in those days. She gave me her number at the movie theater but I lost it. So, after our beautiful Blue Lagoon style, romantic encounter, I never saw her again. I was so upset. I shed a few tears over her. But, like the clueless person I was, as soon as she was gone, there was a new girl to take her place. Or, I would hook- up with my on and off again junior high school sweetheart. No surprise, by the time we were in high school, she had enough of my antics and broke up with me. She fell in love with a guy and spent almost all of high school with him, as I bounced from partner to partner.

In my senior year, my girlfriend and I broke up. She was the college girl who taught me how to play the guitar and much more. Originally, she was to be my prom date, but that ship had sailed. We were both sad after our relationship ended. We avoided each other for the most part. I was so shallow and full of myself. No excuse, but I was following orders from the wrong head. I was on my way home from wrestling practice on the day of the prom. For some reason, I took the bus home. Usually, I ran. Guess who was on the bus? It was my junior high school sweetheart. She had broken up with her boyfriend days earlier. We decided to go to the prom together. This was after three years of her dating her ex. It was a romantic bus ride home

I was excited to be going to the prom with her. She was such a close friend. I always felt that when we were together, we were home. I loved her, but I was not ready to be with one woman for the rest of my life. We went to the prom. I was so skinny I was able to sneak an entire bottle of liquor into the event in my pants. We shared a nostalgic yet romantic evening. Something in my heart told me we could get back together and give it a real shot. We went to Long Beach, as many couples did after the prom and slept under the pier. We reunited in more ways than one.

As the night waned, it became apparent to us both, that our chapter of love had ended long ago. Any hope we could rekindle the relationship was unrealistic, as graduation was just around the corner. We lost touch shortly afterwards. Today, she is a schoolteacher and single mom. I often reflect on our extended, on and off, chapter of love with fond memories. We were so innocent. I would get butterflies in my stomach every time we kissed. I wish I kept the design for that board game. I think Sex Games would have been a real treat for new generations of experimenters. What an APP it could be!