Chapter 46 Husband For Hire

I am an adventurous, creative, man who is looking to share my life with a soul mate. I have been fortunate enough to have many chapters of love, many more than I shared here, but never with my soul mate. I live in gratitude, pay it forward every day, am a helpless romantic and take great pride in maintaining most of my relationships for life. I am an artist, entrepreneur, athlete and father of two incredible young adults. I am caring, intelligent, wise, understanding and giving.

I have always thought that I was never truly loved. Perhaps it is because I have such a hard time loving myself. I would like to fall in love with a woman who sees all that I am and for all the right reasons. I hope that I will see her, for all the right reasons, as well. I tend to be a “Brainiac,” yet, at the same time entertaining, especially when the opportunity arises to break out my cameras and create. I am very passionate about sailing. I hope to navigate the world with my love one day. For now, I am navigating Long Island and loving it. I am family oriented. For some reason, children seem to enjoy my entertaining ways, especially when we play Simon Says.

I write professionally, produce and direct professionally and own an alternative currency trade network. I am your classic entrepreneur. I was sick for a very long time, but thanks to modern medicine and technology, I am much better now. I live a very healthy lifestyle. Despite the fact I have worked as a professional photographer and have photographed beautiful women from around the world, I do not think my future soul mate will be from the entertainment industry, or at least not someone who dedicates her life to it.

At this point living in and around Huntington, Long Island is where I want to be. If possible, I will buy some land and build a log cabin…a dream of mine since I was a child. I literally started my life over in 2015, for at least the third time, with not much more than my health intact. It’s odd to not be living in my own home. I had been since my twenties. Truly, I never thought I would make it past thirty, haven been given multiple diagnoses of “don’t make any long-term plans.” Now that technology and modern medicine have caught up to my health issues, I hope I will live a very long life, barring sinking my sailboat in the middle of the ocean.

I am quite happy living out of a suitcase, RV, tiny apartment, or most certainly the sailboat. I have little financial security and work fifteen hours a day. If you have been fortunate enough to secure our future, I am humble enough to be grateful. If not, eventually I will, or we will. I am working very hard to secure the retirement and future I was not supposed to have.

I love everyone, as I owe my life to society, the surgeons, the doctors, nurses, my angel investors, family, friends, clients and most importantly, my children. I dream of living my life with a partner, as opposed to sharing endless chapters of love. I desire a novel of love with a soul mate. It is something I have hoped and longed for my entire life. Although I have had so many chapters of love, I can still fall in love as if it was my first time. My heart is pure and my intentions are always honest and moral. I do not lie, unless it is to spare someone’s feelings. Despite the fact every single word of this book is true, I have intentionally substituted parts of every chapter with parts of others, to protect the identify of my chapters of love.

I have so many more chapters of love I could write about. I believe the ones I already shared truly express the overall way in which I have loved. You should never have to ask me about how many times I have been in love, as I have been in love more times than I can remember. I no longer want to hook-up with partners in non-committed relationships. As such, I remain sexually conservative, despite the “oops, did that just happen moments,” in my recent past. When I do find you, or you find me, I want it to feel like home, whenever we are together. I know that when we are not, we will each be counting the time until we are together again. You are loyal, trustworthy, honest, kind and possess so many more qualities that will surprise me. Children especially love you, but so does everyone else. You are drama free, for the most part, and affectionate.

You put your family first and are happy with the life you have built for yourself. You listen as much as you speak, regardless of who is talking. You are beautiful beyond words, even though not everyone thinks you are. I believe that you are. You will love me forever, as I will love you. We cannot predict the future, except that our love will last an eternity. You will love our children more than you love me.









John Joseph Dowling Jr.