New Years Eve performance at Time’s Square with Taylor Swift performing. Just some b-roll video as I was shooting mainly photographs.

Another short highlights video at Chris and Tony’s with Tony, Michael Romano, and his wife Claire.

When I came back to Long Island in late 2015 I started to walk again but with two broken ribs it was not easy. Certainly walking and wine tasting with my friend Michael Romano made it much easier. Here we are in the Hamptons enjoying some of Michael’s wines.

In this Blackstone Car Show long form video I highlighted some of the people I went to High School with as I shot, walked, and worked on my fiftieth birthday. What other way would an artists celebrate but create with friends and eat amazing food? Read Chapters Of Love to find out…

Patrick John “Pat” O’Brien is an American author and radio host, best known for his work as a sportscaster with CBS Sports from 1981 to 1997, as well as his work as the anchor and host of Access Hollywood. Here I was the producer on a piece for Access Hollywood with Pat and Bonjovi.

Just a short promo of the sand dunes and extreme athletes in the Yuma dessert. I must have walked at least a thousand miles in the dessert over the years.

When digital photography was first introduced I would use an old Disney technique called rotoscoping to stream photographs together to form a stop motion style music video. I made hundreds of these as I walked in night clubs and venues in the winter when it was too cold for me to go out side and walk. I would ask thousands of people “Where’s The Love?” as I created and at the same time was able to get my six to ten miles in daily.

I produced several dozen episodes of an entertainment reality series with Jill and this is a clip of me directing Jill and Neyo for an online broadcasting network long before Hulu appeared on the horizon.

Was so fortunate to photograph several New Years Eve celebrations directly on the main stage in Times Square. Here is a short clip I took with my digital SLR with PSY and MC Hammer.

Soon after Prime Restaurant opened in Huntington, I produced a pilot with Michael the owner. This is the promotional long form video used to promote that show, Prime Cuts.

I produced and directed this music video right in the heart of Huntington Village on main street and NY Avenue. As we had absolutely no budget for this, we pulled it off in one evening. It was freezing and my circulation was “challenged” to say the least but we finished regardless.

This is a clip from a reality series I was producing and directing with my friend Linda.

I produced many live events with some amazing performers. Here is a highlights reel of some of my first celebrity video productions and live events I produced at the Madison Theater. Of course I had already produced about two dozen entertainment series with several talented hosts.

When I was producing reality series, one of the extreme sports videos I produced, was a with a model (Crystal) who was very brave, and very beautiful. Here she jumps in a tandem jump a few thousand feet above Long Island as a virgin jumper.

When I was looking for a new home after escaping the cold Winters of Long Island, it wound up snowing and there were record cold temperatures for the South West of the USA. I walked the edge of the Grande Canyon for several miles to get these shots. This was me conquering my fear of heights. I am still amazed I actually did not fall miles down it was so windy. I am sure I was not supposed to be doing that.

This is a music video I produced on Goldstar Beech in Huntington with an actual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and her boyfriend.